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Dear Parents,


As a mother myself I understand how difficult it is to send your child to school for the first time.  For me, it is imperative to treat each child in my school with the same attention and compassion as I would my own children.  My teachers share my passion and values. As parents, we cannot underestimate the importance of a preschool education.  This is the time when children are most influenced by their surroundings and build a foundation for the rest of their lives.

Each child is different.  Each child has its own unique abilities.  Our goal at the San Francisco Montessori Academy is to provide a special learning environment where students can foster their own skills, a safe environment where they can establish independence and grow their self-esteem while working at their own pace.  Our teachers are here to guide them in the right direction.

SFMA has a very strong focus on academics; however, we believe that by itself is not enough.  Practical life, the arts, and social skills are equally important.  We are passionate yet professional and are dedicated to providing the highest level of education for our students.


The biggest measure of success for us is the success of our students.  The majority of our graduates excel academically and socially throughout their continuing education.

If you want the best preschool for your child, we welcome you to join us.


Isabell Klein

Director - SFMA

"Our son flourished remarkably both in academics and social skills due to the great teachers and comprehensive curriculum.... he learned not only geography, art and music, but also how to be a disciplined, organized and compassionate person."

Montessori Philosophy

"As an educational approach, the Montessori method focuses on the indivuality of each child in respect to their own needs and talents. The child controls the pace, topic and repetition of lessons indepedant of the rest of the class. Children who experience the joy of learning are believed to  be happy, confident and fulfilled."


This approach has a track record of effectiveness for over 100 years and continues to grow in popularity worldwide.


Our History

Our doors first opened as a family daycare in 1998. As our students reached preschool age, their parents expressed their concern for lack of preschools that met the same high standards as our daycare. We received numerous requests from parents to offer a preschool program so they can continue attending our school. From that point on, we have been a thriving and growing Montessori Preschool. 





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