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Our school operates two sites year round with the exception of winter break and all national holidays.
Site 1 Pre-K Prep: Ages 18 months to 3 years old - Potty training not required. 
Site 2 Pre-K: Ages 3 to 6 old - Children must be potty trained before enrollment.
Please inquire about current space availability.


Tuition and Enrollment Policies



The enrollment process starts with a tour of the school for you and your child. This gives you an opportunity to get familiar with the school, the teachers, and the students while allowing us to answer all of your questions. 


If there is immediate availability and you are interested in signing up, you will be given a registration packet. If there is no immediate availability, you can join our waitlist for a $100 registration fee.



Full-Time Tuition: Tuition fees and policies are presented during the tour.

Part-Time Tuition: Part time is not currently offered.

Extracurricular programs are offered at an additional cost.


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What parents have to say:


"Our experience there gave us the impression that they did not teach for the sake of teaching and doing a good job but had a genuine passion for it. By the time we left there, our son was very well prepared for kindergarten and, thanks in part to that good early training. He is well ahead of all the kids in his class now."


"With all of the preschool options available in the Sunset District, SFMA really does stand apart from the rest of them. I would never hesitate to recommend the school. The school is exceptionally clean, the teachers and aides are wonderful, they provide delicious hot lunch and healthy snacks for the children and most importantly, all of the children who attend the school are the most well-behaved, intelligent 2-6 year olds that you will ever meet. We love the school!"


"Steven and Isabell do an amazing job to provide a wonderful curriculum, fun enrichment classes such as dance, karate and art and a safe learning environment.... She (our daughter) now attends Sunset Elementary School and is consistently doing well in all of her subjects."




"Our son received excellent care and instruction there for over 4 years. When testing for entrance to kindergarten, he could have entered first grade based on his knowledge of numbers, letters, etc. Just as important, he was well socialized. After a year in another program with a teacher we rate very highly, we think he would have done just as well (or better) back at SFMA for kindergarten."


         SFMA Students Artwork Exhibit at ArtSeed ART-A-Thon

To request more information:


Mon-Fri 8am - 5:30pm


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