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Fitness Class


Teacher David Morris has been working with children for 22 years and has been a Certified Instructor/Personal Trainer for 22 years. He is fully accredited and all of his certifications are up to date. He is continuing education certification. 


During this class, children practice stretching, jumping jacks, bunny hops, frog hops, and fun play with safety equipment including mats on the floor that are made for pre-school children and are commonly used in pre-schools.


The children are taught to respect each other and how to work together in a social group environment. Pushing, hitting and kicking is strictly not allowed!



        Stretching                       Strength Building                        Hand-Eye Coordination                     Fitness Exercises






With almost a decade of experience teaching in the San Francisco Bay Area and abroad, Amelia Romano offers knowledge in a breadth of repertoire ranging from Folk Traditions to Latin, Jazz and Classical music. As a composer, arranger and improviser, she brings a passion for musical experimentation and creativity, inviting her students to explore their musical passions and learn through experience.


The class consists of songs, movement activities and instrumental sessions that are geared towards presenting fun musical experiences for the students.   Children look forward to her class every week.


Visual Arts


With the help of an art instructor from ArtSeed, students develop an interest in fine art. Weekly

stimulating art practice can include but is not limited to papier-mâché, painting, molding clay, and much more.  

There is a large focus on working individually while being part of a larger group project.


This is a very popular class at SFMA.





Yoga is a health-based system of exercises that explores and integrates the mind, body, and breath. Our exercises are specifically tailored for preschoolers. Children take joy in learning how to breathe smoothly and deeply, concentrate on their mind, as well as develop strength and flexibility, Each week we explore a new yoga concept such as balance, energy, pace/rhythm, and many others in a fun collaborative environment.




Modern, classic and ballroom dance classes are an important part of the social development at our school. Mrs. Liliia and Mr. Wesly concentrate on different core movements each week to maintain the excitement and momentum with the children. These are fun and active classes that provide a good balance of physical and rhythmical development. 

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