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San Francisco Montessori Academy


1566 32nd Ave + 1283 22nd Ave

San Francisco, CA 94122

Phone: 415.759.5710  



" I constantly get praise from teachers that she has a good base of knowledge that set her up well for academic rigor or k. Not only she is well prepared academically, she knew exactly what to expect from school on her first day at K and had a smooth transition from preschool and kindergarten."


"SF Montessori academy provided high-quality educational instruction for my son. Because of Isabell and her staff, my son had a smooth transition into kindergarten and was reading and writing at an advanced level. My son is in second grade and continues to excel academically"


"My daughter's math, reading and writing skills were so high she had no issues to pass admission exams to private schools. Now she goes to Stratford school and she is one of the best achievers in the school and gets SAT10 scores of 80-99."


"We were immediately impressed with how clean and well organized the place was. After talking to Isabell we were impressed with the curriculum and we enrolled."

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